Tree Stump Carving, NJ Barry Caselli
April 18, 2009

Look what I found today.
This was in Winslow Township, Camden County, west of Hammonton. I spotted it while on the way to a church I wanted to re-photograph. There was a Smokey the Bear sculpture elsewhere in the yard. The man told me that this tree died and had to be taken down, so he said there was this guy from Deerfield or Upper Deerfield Township in Salem County that did the carving. Maybe he has a website. I don't know. I kind of remember seeing these in a recent discussion thread.
Later on I passed two other houses with these tree stump sculptures in the yard.

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Here are two more I saw today, which I momentarily forgot about. They were at a produce market at a farm in Hammonton. The one is a cob of corn, if you haven't guessed. These have been weathering a while. The eagle in the last post is brand new.

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