Video: Batsto, NJ water-powered sawmill Barry Caselli
July 30, 2009

The recently posted video of old time lumbering reminded me of this video I made a couple weeks ago at Batsto, of the water-powered sawmill of 1882. I forgot to let the group know about this video. It's only a minute and a half, but it shows a lot. First the guy cuts a board off a big timber, using the main saw. Then he goes to the right side of the building, a little to the back, to the shingle machine, where there is a previously cut block of wood, which he cut a few shingles from. Meanwhile the machine I got close to with the camera, on the right, that's the planer, which he didn't demonstrate that time.
The water turbine was replaced a few years ago, and the water raceway under the building was dredged of silt and so on, and then lined with wood. The water comes from the dam at the lake. Although the dam has been replaced once or twice over the years, the lake dates to the mid 18th century.
Oh, and I believe he was cutting Pitch Pine, if memory serves.
Anyway, hope you find this at least a little interesting. Don't forget to read the description on the right side of the page.

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