Video in Wharton State Forest, NJ Barry Caselli
August 2, 2009

Yesterday I shot some video in Wharton State Forest.
Here's the direct link:

It was so beautiful up there that I thought it was a perfect time to shoot some video.
Here's the bird's eye view of the bridge I mention in the video: 

I was about a quarter or half mile west/northwest of that bridge. When I was out there yesterday there were 3 or 4 SUVs and pickups parked near the bridge, and a bunch of people swimming in the river next to it. They had one of the SUVs parked with the doors open and the stereo blasting. Fortunately I was too far away to hear it. Being up there was a good way to spend my birthday.
On a side note, today I was up there again and shot more video. But I was in a totally different ecosystem. It was really cool. I have not uploaded that one yet though. Fortunately there was no one up there today. But soon after I shot my video and ate my lunch the storms came. Wow. They were quite severe.

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