Huge Vine In Hendersonville James Parton
  December 25, 2008


About a year ago Cheri, my ex-wife told me about a huge vine growing up a tree near the corner of Washington and 4th Ave in Hendersonville. On Christmas Eve I rode up to see it with my 12 year old daughter, Sarah with me. Sure enough there were 3 huge vines growing to the top of a sycamore tree. I guestimate the tree at about 75 feet tall. The largest vine had a girth of 3ft 3 1/2in at 5 feet above ground. I don't know what kind of vine it is without the leaves on. I would guess Wisteria or Trumpet Vine. Any ideas?

Afterwards we measured a decent-sized Sycamore near the corner of Church street and 1st Ave. The tree is 14' 2" in girth and 75.5 feet tall.

James Parton

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