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TOPIC: A Parkway Ride

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Date: Sun, Nov 2 2008 2:13 pm
From: James Parton

Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day to get out so I invited the Tench family who are close friends of mine to go up on the parkway and see the fall colors. 

Lolet and American Chestnut

I was hoping for a hike but we did not make it to that, but we found the colors to be really good below 3000 feet or so but once you make it up higher in the mountains the colors fade fast. I was hoping to find some colorful Mountain Ash trees and of course my beloved chestnut. 

Mountain Ash

We found some Mountain Ash trees near Black Balsam rd which still had the brilliantly red berries still on them but the leaves had already fell. Before reaching this far we stopped to take a few photos and I found a few small chestnut trees mixed in with Chestnut Oaks. I thought I had found another sizeable American Chestnut but a Chestnut Oak grew up right beside the chestnut momentarily confusing me. Oh, well.

Tree Rock Fusion
The parkway had some snow in shady places on the ground and ice on the rocks at altitudes above 5000 feet.
The ride down by Lake Logan was nice too, the lake was at full level after being severely low over the summer due to the drought.
Check out the pics!
James Parton