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TOPIC: More Pisgah Chestnuts, I am Back!

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Date: Sat, Oct 18 2008 7:24 pm
From: James Parton


  Joy and Pisgah chestnut

Well finally I am doing a post, the first since July. Much has happened since then to overly occupy my time. I have moved, Joy's son came up to visit and I have been so broke I have not been able to get out very much to do any outings. The gas situation around here has not helped any either. I have missed you all and have not forgotten about ENTS. Also I have been moved to first shift with a pay cut. Ouch! Anyway. Once an ent always an ent

. Pisgah chestnut burrs

Pisgah chestnut

Last weekend Joy and I rode up to Pisgah Inn to hike up the Buck Springs Trail which connects the Inn to the Mt. Pisgah parking area. Earlier in the year I found a large American Chestnut on the trail that was blooming and I wanted to return to check out if it had nuts in the fall. Returning I found numerous large burrs but inside I found only tiny atrophied nuts. This I really don't understand. I have found several trees in this area that try to produce nuts and flower during the summer but during the fall the burrs contain only shrunken tiny nuts. It seems that they are or should be enough trees here for cross pollination. I have wondered if the blight may weaken the trees so much that it makes them incapable of producing a healthy nut crop. I dunno.

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Date: Sun, Oct 19 2008 5:21 am


Welcome back. You've been missed. As you say, "Once an ent, always an ent". We look forward to your posts.