Bradley Woods, northeastern Ohio Steve Galehouse
March 20, 2009

Nice sunny day today, temps in the upper 30's but spring peepers singing
none-the-less, measured some trees in an area named Bradley Woods, in
western Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The area is heavy clay, dead level, and
poorly drained---almost a swamp forest. Generally a second or third growth
woods, with some tall trees (tulip, pin oak) but few large trees. Pin oak
was the most frequent canopy tree, followed by red maple, tuliptree, white
ash, and sycamore. White oak, tupelo, black cherry, sassafras, American elm,
yellow birch, beech, sugar maple, and cottonwood also present in lesser
numbers. Here are some measured heights, although I'm sure the maximum
heights for species are not represented. Many tall tuliptrees for
flatground. Red oak and bur oak were conspicuously absent. A few photos

Tuliptree    133
Pin oak    113
Shagbark hickory    111
Red maple    110.5
Sycamore    102
White ash    101.5
Black cherry    97
White oak    95
Tupelo    93
Sassafras    83

R.I.    103.9

Steve Galehouse 

Pin oak Bradley Woods 113'.jpg

Tuliptree Bradley Woods 133'.jpg

Tuliptree Bradley Woods 133' b.jpg

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