Davey Woods, OH Bob Leverett
July 10, 2009


    Monica and I just left Davey Woods in southwestern Ohio, an old  
growth area that ranks high on the list of Ohio sites.
     I identified 20 species of trees. They are all very stately, but  
the tuliptree steal the show. The tallest one measured was 144.5 feet  
in height and 11.4 feet in girth. I measured a second tulip to 141.5  
feet in height and 8.5 feet in girth.
      The area is extremely rich with many herbs. Davey Woods gave me  
a flavor for a first rate Ohio forest.


  Southwestern Ohio's Davey Woods has an impressive stand of  
tuliptree in a rich, shallow ravine. I broke 140 twice. Most of the  
tulips are in the 120s. The stand is said to be the finest in the  
region. Circumferences range from 7.5 feet to 11.5. The herb layer  
includes baneberry, wild ginger, blue cohosh, jack in the pulpit,  
nettle, and other rich woods species. May apples were prolific. The  
forest is considered old growth. Other tree species include sugar  
maple, N. Red oak, white oak, black cherry, black walnut, red maple,  
slippery elm, American elm, American beech, hop hornbeam, green ash (I  
think), American basswood, sycamore, persimmon, redbud, hackberry,  
Ohio buckeye, shellbark hickory, and paw paw everywhere. Great place.


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