Hocking Hills White Pine Rockets  

TOPIC: Hocking Hills White Pine Rockets

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Date: Sat, Nov 8 2008 7:05 pm
From: Randy Brown


On November 6th I revisited a very impressive looking white pine
planting in Hocking Hills State Forest. The grove is located on the
western edge of the State Forest on a moderately steep south facing
slope. You can tell it's a planting because of the rows in the
Satellite picture in google earth and you can still see a few of them
when walking in the grove itself. According to a brief history blurb
the State forest and associated pine plantings began in 1924 so this
grove is at most 84 years old. The tallest trees are on the gentler
slopes at south end of the grove (middle center of the shot below)

When I originally visited the grove I was cautiously optimistic of
finding a few trees that broke 140'.
I was not disappointed:

Hocking Hills White Pines

White Pine
9 1.0
White Pine
7 9.0
White Pine
8 4.0
White Pine
6 3.0
White Pine
8 3.0
White Pine
8 6.0
White Pine
8 6.0

From the ground most of the trees looked nearly identical in height
so I measures those with the biggest cbh. The small height difference
between the trees I measured makes me wonder if the average height of
this grove doesn't reach 140'. According to the Ohio big tree list
there is a 152' White Pine in the Zaleski State Forest (~30 minutes
southeast of here). So close yet so far. Perhaps I should lug in
some fertilizer and try again in a few years.

Visually they look like this:


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Date: Sun, Nov 9 2008 9:08 am
From: "Steve Galehouse"


It would be interesting to know the seed source of these pines--I've never
seen a plantation with that tall an average height. Great trees.