Rocky River, Ohio Steve Galehouse
March 22, 2009


Measured some trees today in a nearby park in Rocky River, Ohio. The area
has strong relief, was once likely associated with a stream that has since
filled in, and is less than 1/4 mi. from Lake Erie. There is a good
diversity of trees in a small area. Some measurements:

  Species Height CBH  Black walnut 101' 7'5''  White oak 99.5' 8'10''
Tuliptree 121' 9'10''  American beech 98' 9'9''  Sugar maple 101' 9'1''  Red
oak 105.5' 9'11''  Cucumber magnolia 101' 8'8''  Red Maple 98' 5'7''  Black
cherry 98' 5'6''  Black locust 114.5' 7'3''  Eastern cottonwood 99.5'
 Sycamore 113'

Pin oak, white ash, and white elm were also present.

R.I. of 105.4 for the ten tallest species measured

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