American Chestnut Find in SE PA  

TOPIC: New American Chestnut find in SE Pa

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Date: Mon, Jul 28 2008 8:06 pm
From: pabigtrees


Today I went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square Chester Co. Pa. I
wasn't looking for trees, but tree houses, as they have an exhibit
there currently. The last of the three houses was wrapped around a
slender tree that caught my attention. Further investigation found it
to be an American Chestnut.

41" cbh x 71.6 x 31' spread for 121 AF points

A fourth place tree in the state contest, but the most recent
measurement of any of those ahead of this tree is 2004. They may very
well be dead.

This tree was full of fruit, heavy with fruit would be more exact.
Not one bit of blight that I could see anywhere. No little orange

I don't believe the tree was planted, as it grows in a natural area
away from the gardens. Pierre DuPont bought Longwood in 1906 to save
the great trees on the property. Before the DuPonts, the Pierce
family owned the land since 1700. In 1798 the Pierces started
planting trees for an arboretum. By 1850 it was known as one of the
finest collections around.

I think there is more to find in the woods around the gardens, as one
tulip poplar that was cut on a trail was over 200 rings. This fall I
want to get permission to do a Rucker index.

I hope also to get permission to collect some of the Chestnuts.


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Date: Mon, Jul 28 2008 8:22 pm
From: "Edward Frank"


I need to go back and get a spread on the Lyle Summit #1 chestnut. With a height of 72 feet, and girth of 52 inches, it has 124 points without any spread component.

I think on your website, you should add a direct link from the home page to the Big Tree Index page.