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TOPIC: Bryson Hemlock & other goodies

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Date: Thurs, Jan 17 2008 7:27 pm
From: "Dale Luthringer"


On 7/18/07 I spent the day with a "long time local resident" and his son
as we searched his property and the Forest Cathedral for large trees.
On an old logging road that works it's way down towards a flat on the
Clarion River we came across a tall slender bitternut hickory. I
recorded 5.3ft CBH x 121.4ft high, but it was right then that my laser
battery croaked. I'll have to ask for forgiveness for committing one of
the Ents' cardinal sins of "not packing an extra battery". Could've
kicked myself. If the height stands, it'll be the first 120ft class
bitternut in Cooksburg, as well as a personal highest measured specimen.

We then worked our way along the Gateway Lodge and found a new personal
best girth pitch pine to 5.9ft CBH. Then down towards the river behind
a local canoe livery, taped a fat white ash to 12.4ft CBH. I'll have to
go back to get heights (no fresh battery yet).

After inserting a new battery in the laser, we headed up in the vicinity
of Indian Springs in the Forest Cathedral along the Joyce Kilmer Trail
where we found an impressive eastern hemlock. We named it the 'Bryson
Hemlock', after his son. I'll eventually get a volume measure on this
baby. It went to 11.9ft CBH x 135.1ft high.

I also measured a series of pin oaks he has growing in his yard. Unless
someone has found a taller one, I believe it may now be the tallest we
have on record in the NE at 8.4ft CBH x 113.9ft high. They were planted
along his driveway close to a century ago.

I've been measuring trees here for years, and it still amazes me when we
find these new records. Just when you think you got it all..


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Date: Thurs, Jan 17 2008 10:11 pm


The remarkable performance of Cook Forest SP is not to be denied nor is not meant to fall off the radar scope. It will be interesting to see if the index will go up in 2008.