Longwood Gardens new height champs for the NE Scot Wade
  January 06, 2009

Even though it was kind of nasty out today, I decided to measure some
trees.  I was at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square talking to the
Arborist Dept about tree measuring for there tree assessment process
they have started.  I introduced the ENTS method for height, and it
was well received.  After the meeting I went out into a wooded walk
area as directed by one of the arborists who had seen a tall tulip in
there.  Well there wasn't just one, there were 30-40, maybe more!  I
started with the usual straight up shots with the laser and when I saw
48's and 49's I got excited.  Most of the tulips in the grove are in
the 140-150 class.  One tree in particular stood out.  It was in a
draw sitting about 15' lower than the others, but it was the same
height.  It measured out to 11.7 x 163.3!!!!!!  I think that is a new
record for the NE?  The stand is mostly tulip, and a rucker-10  would
not be impressive.  There are red, white oaks and some hickory, but
all in an understorey.  I did find one big red oak that looked
promising, and it was.  It measured 10.4 x 143.2'  a new height record
for PA, and possibly the NE?  It was a good day.



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