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Date: Tues, Jan 15 2008 3:04 pm
From: "Dale Luthringer"


On 5/17/07 I was able to spend a bit of time after training measuring
trees along the Great Gorge Trail within Ohiopyle State Park. I was
guided by the naturalist staff & park volunteers to a small patch of old
growth and associated 2nd growth forest near the cliff & river edge
beside the trail. This section of woods is directly across the river
from the Ferncliff Natural Area. Here's the day's stats:

Visual Age Estimates
Species Age Estimate

White ash 150
White pine 150
Chestnut oak 200
E. hemlock 200

Height Data
Species CBH Height Comments

Am. Basswood 5.2 108.1+
Black cherry N/A ~115 rushed w/crowd, kicking
myself for not taking the time
Bitternut hickory 4.9 105.1+
Tuliptree 5.9 133.4
Tuliptree 6.8 136.6 nice surprise,
potential for 140ft class tulips in deep ravines along gorge
White ash 13.7 131.1 largest forest grown
ash I've measured in PA

The ash was massive, but in bad shape, probably damaged from an adjacent
old logging road. Crown was full, but trunk cracked & bent near DBH

Compiling Ed Frank & Tony Kelly's previous data on 2/14/06, Ohiopyle now
has a Rucker Index of 106.99

Species CBH Height Comments

Tuliptree 6.8 136.6
White ash 13.7 131.1
Scarlet oak 7.9 108.5
Am. Basswood 5.2 108.1+
Chestnut oak 8.6 105.5+
Bitternut hickory 4.9 105.1+
N. red oak 7.9 105
E. hemlock 5.9 90.5
Black oak 10 90
Am. Beech 5.3 89.5

Another whirlwind tour, wish I could've spent more time. I think with
saturation measuring we could approach the upper 110 RI class for


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Date: Tues, Jan 15 2008 5:54 pm
From: dbhguru@comcast.net


Good show. We owe you for keeping some focus on Rucker indexing. As soon as my body will respond, I intend to get to Robinson SP, Ice Glen, Bryant Homestead, and of course MTSF and MSFto see if I can improve on the Rucker indices of those great places.

It would be good to confirm tuliptrees over 140 in the gorge. It would put another dot on the map.


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Date: Tues, Jan 15 2008 6:20 pm
From: Matthew Hannum

I found the website for the park, and the Youghiogheny River is a
familiar name since it passes through far western Maryland.

Nice measurements! The big white ash is a great find, though I am
impressed with the large scarlet oak. For whatever reason, I've found
very few of them around this part of Maryland. Maybe they blend in too
well with other trees, though their crimson autumn colors are

Was the basswood hollow? I head they have a habit of ending up quite
hollow when larger. Nice to see a hemlock on the list as well.

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Date: Tues, Jan 15 2008 7:07 pm
From: "Dale Luthringer"


I feel pretty confident they're in there, but that's a BIG park with
many difficult to reach locations. Most are best reached via kayak or
white water raft. The whole gorge system reminds me very much of
McConnells Mill. It'd take years of tree measuring to pull the best out
of Ohiopyle.


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Date: Tues, Jan 15 2008 7:14 pm
From: "Dale Luthringer"


Yes, that white ash was THE find for the day. Of course, the usual "nice
ash" jokes abounded.

The basswood was perfect. Nice straight bole. I only got a rough
vertical shot from underneath.

Ohiopyle will have taller and larger hemlocks. They should easily break
100ft with more searching. I wouldn't doubt there being select 10-12ft
CBH specimens scattered in select locations.


TOPIC: Ohiopyle State Park

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Date: Wed, Jan 16 2008 10:06 am
From: Anthony Kelly

Dale, Yeah, that definitely is a nice ash you've found there at Ohiopyle. Ed and I missed that one. I'm glad you were able to make it down there. The Delaware Water Gap white pine is also some find. Looks, like you've found some time to post some of your data that's been piliing up. I've got to find some time to do the same. I've made a few trips to Schall's Gap in Huntington CO, PA that I haven't reported, yet. I still don't think I've fully reported on what I found at the Forest H. Dutlinger Natural Area in Clinton CO, PA either.
I don't know when I'll be able to make it back up to see you at Cook Forest. Hopefully it won't be before too long.

Anthony Kelly