Cook Forest - Feb 2007  

TOPIC: Just another day at Cook Forest

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Date: Wed, Jan 2 2008 7:18 pm
From: "Dale Luthringer"


Finally broke into some of my data backlog and have now progressed to
2/2/07, almost a year ago. Here's an afternoon's work of tree
measurements taken in the valley between Ridge Camp and Vowinckle Road.
This is the draw we hiked up and back down during the 2006 ENTS
Rendezvous to look at superlative black cherry and hemlock. It's
definitely one of the finest stands of hemlock in the park. There are
so many hemlocks in the 120ft class that I don't often bother measuring
them. All 130 footers deserve a girth. 135 & up get a GPS coordinate.
Cook is loaded with em', but who knows for how much longer with the
progression of HWA:

Species CBH Height Comments

Black birch N/A 92.8

Black cherry 9.8 102.1+ top broken off

Cucumbertree 5.9 111.1+

E. hemlock 11.7 120.4
E. hemlock N/A 124.9
E. hemlock N/A 125
E. hemlock N/A 125.1
E. hemlock N/A 125.2
E. hemlock N/A 125.8
E. hemlock N/A 126.4
E. hemlock N/A 126.5
E. hemlock 10.9 126.8
E. hemlock N/A 128.5
E. hemlock N/A 129.1
E. hemlock 8.6 129.2
E. hemlock 10.8 130.7
E. hemlock 10.2(2x) 132.5
E. hemlock 9.1 133.8
E. hemlock 7.8 133.9
E. hemlock 8.4 135.2
E. hemlock 9.7 136.2
E. hemlock 10.5 139.2 41 20.240N x 79 13.168W

E. white pine 8.3 143.5
E. white pine 8.2 143.9
E. white pine 9.2 148.9

Merry Christams!


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Date: Wed, Jan 2 2008 9:53 pm
From: James Parton


Though none of these appears to be records but it gives me an idea of
the trees sizes in that part of the forest. I feel documentation of
forests ( Tree's height, girth, etc ) says much when compiled like
this. These are my favorite types of posts. Will has got a "
backlogged " one from Rudnick Forest that I am anxious to see. Tree
measuring & documentation as all involved in ENTS know is the most
outstanding thing we do.

James Parton.