Sire Live Oak, Columbia, SC Larry Tucei
February 24, 2009


Sunday after the Pecan adventure I followed Marcus, he took
me on my way back home to the Capitol, in Columbia S.C., to measure a
Live Oak . The Sire Oak, growing  across the street from the Capitol
Building next to an old Episcopal Church. H-66' CBH-21' 5"

A beautiful tree
growing in the Churchyard Cemetery. Documented to have been growing
there in 1846 when they built the church, so we know its at least 163
years old. We then went to the Capitol Building where numerous trees
of different species have been planted. Some of the Largest Deodar
Cedars and Ginkgo Biloba Trees I've ever seen. Marcus will do a report
on them at a later date, I'll post some photos of them also.  


[Larry Tucei, March 1, 2009]

ENTS,    Marcus Houtchings was kind enough to bring me into Columbia on my way back home from Congaree. We measured the Sire Live Oak growing next to the Trinity Cathedral & Parish House built in 1846. The Sire Oak was a beautiful sight in the city. CBH-21'5", H-66' and Sp-132'. The Sire Oak was planted in 1814 so that makes it 195 years young.

Lawrence Tucei Jr.

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