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TOPIC: Maui Hawaii unknow trees please help

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Date: Fri, May 30 2008 11:03 am
From: Marcas Houtchings aka jeeping31

Hey im here in maui on my honeymoon and found lots of big trees I
posted them hope you can see and tell me what they are thanks 


018.jpg (827658 bytes)
Another unknown tree going to the maui crater.jpg (912006 bytes)
anther photo of the tree.jpg (830377 bytes)
Unknow big tree in maui.jpg (1042556 bytes)


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Date: Fri, May 30 2008 9:16 pm
From: James Parton


I have no idea of what kind of trees they are but wow they are
impressive. One of them looks close to 30 feet cbh!

James P.