California White Fir Will Blozan
July 12, 2009


Following your lead as an ENTS piercing the western frontier, I set a new
height record for California white fir (Abies lowiana) last week at 75.4
meters (247 feet). I also found second-growth sequoia to 73 meters (239 feet
at ~135 years).

75.4 meter height champion California white fir, Giant Forest, Sequoia
National Park.

Second-growth sequoia, cut-over ca. 1870, Whitaker Forest, Badger, CA

Will F. Blozan

President, Eastern Native Tree Society
President, Appalachian Arborists, Inc.

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The weather totally cooperated for the field work (at least the 10 days I was there). Sunny, dry, with cool nights and mild days. A breeze miraculously came up as the work began got hot. I was thankful for the shade of the giants to work in. However, I prefer the option of humidity in the eastern forests. We had some shield from the sun one day- from a forest fire burning on the opposite side of the canyon. Made for some nice photos. Smelled good, too…
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