Raider Ridge, CO  (9) Robert Leverett
June 15, 2009


This afternoon, Monica and I took a walk on the Raider Ridge behind the house we're staying in. There is a sea of gambel oak along the ridge that I assume is at least partially fire successional. There is also a scattering of old ponderosas and Doug firs. The following photo is from a spot that is a 30 minute walk from the front door step. The view is to the west, looking across the Animas River Valley. The river is slightly visible in the image. The road against the ridge on the far side of the river is U.S. 550. North is to the right in the photo.
We have agreed to catalogue wild flowers, birds, and of course trees on Raider Ridge. Guess which one has gotten the lion's share of the attention so far? I wanted to photograph flowers and listen for birds, but Monica insisted that I photograph old trees. Hmmm, doubt I'll have in takers on that one - including myself. Actually, we saw some really beautiful mountain goats beard. It is in peak bloom now. The lupine has peaked at this altitude. BTW, my iPhone GPS says the altitude here at the house is 6,900 feet. The high point on Raider Ridge is slightly over 7,900 feet. 

Don (either Don),

   Care to hazard a guess on the pine's age class? The top is not totally flat, but starting to be. There are woodpecker holes on the side. They are visible in the photo.

Monica and old ponderosa

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