Two Champions  (22) Robert Leverett
June 26, 2009


I think that I previously sent a photo of the new Colorado blue height champ. It would have been a cropped version of the third attachment, which is a slightly better photo.
As can be seen. the champ is the pencil-straight tree. It is the tree in the center framed between the aspens. It is the left most of the two tall spruces. Yep, officially it the Will Blozan Blue. At 156.5 feet in height and 8.3 feet in girth, it is the world's tallest accurately measured Colorado blue and one of three blues to break the 150-foot threshold with the small grove of trees that includes a 158-foot Doug fir.

The first and second images are of Rocky, the adorable little Corgi - a principal reason we are out here in Durango- i.e to house and dog sit. Rocky has adopted us as his own and herds us as part of his flock. He never runs away when off leash. He keeps track of each one of us at all times. Everybody who meets Rocky loves him and with good reason. When we leave, we will really miss Rocky. He is one class act little dog.

Later today, Monica and I hope to drive up to Coal Bank Pass and confirm the Colorado Englemann Spruce champ for the Forest Service. They gave me its location. Plus, I'll remeasure and get lots of photos of that skinny 127-foot Englemann spruce I measured on our first visit to the 10, 640-foot pass. The height champ grows just about at 2 miles above sea level. I boldly claim the record of measuring the tallest tree of any species in the Rockies growing at 2 miles above sea level or higher. Unless someone comes forward with a taller tree at two miles or higher in the adjacent 48-states, the Englemann is yet another ENTS record. Hey, we are just a way cool organization. 
By the way, I want to give a special thanks to Barry and Jenny for bringing new blood and such vibrant interest to ENTS. You're fine posts have not gone unnoticed. It is not necessary that you all become trapped in the numerical side of ENTS. Your posts bring balance to the organization. I will search for a special tree out here to name for each of you with plenty of photos and geographical coordinates. You each have your choice. Do you prefer a ponderosa, Doug fir, Colorado blue spruce, or Englemann spruce? Let me know each of your choices.

Well, good bye for now from:

Bob, Monica, and Rocky

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