Near Wolf Creek Pass, CO Bob Leverett
July 13, 2009


The attached series of photos were shot near Wolf Creek Pass, off U.S. 160, east of Pagosa Springs. Monica and I were on our way home. I wanted to take more time at Wolf Creek Pass, but decided to opt for more time at the sand dunes. As I've mentioned before, Wolf Creek Pass receives the most snow of any Colorado pass. The long term annual total is close to 400 inches.


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TreasureFalls: Treasure Falls lies about 1,500 vertical feet below Wolf Creek Pass. The view shows the thick forest of white fir, Englemann spruce, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and Colorado blue spruce. Trees below the falls and road are in the 115 to 125-foot height range and there is a lot of them. The area is well watered. The falls are a little over 100 feet in height according to a sign. The falls collect large numbers of people, as do all waterfalls. Not my kind of place.

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WolfCreekTrees: This shot looks down hill from the road into a grove of 110 to 120-foot tall trees. They are all over.

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WolfCreekPass: A view of the surrounding San Juans. Peaks in the image are between 11,000 and 12,000 feet.

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Lobo: This shot was taken from the Lobo Overlook at about 11,500 feet. There is a mix of forest and meadow at 11,000 to 11,500 feet. At places, the timber line makes it to 12,000 feet. Tree species at Lobo include Englemann spruce and subalpine fir. Below Lobo at about 11,200 feet tree height skyrockets. There are plenty of trees in the 90 to 110-foot height range. The San Juans are truly remarkable.

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