What is the largest known Atlas Cedar? NWENTS
February 14, 2009


I recently measured an Atlas Cedar tree in Oregon at 302 AF Points (5’
4” DBH). I was trying to find what the largest Atlas Cedar is in the
US, but since this is a non-native tree, the data is hard to come by
and the National Register doesn’t track it.

The tree I measured is an Atlas Cedar, not a Blue Atlas Cedar. I
checked each states champion registry. Not all list non-native trees.
Some are very outdated lists.

The largest documented Atlas Cedar I could find is a 310 AF point in
Washington state as measured in 1992.

Does anyone know what the largest is?

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Bob Van Pelt wrote on February 15, 2009


I have measured 350 point Atlas cedars in Washington, Oregon, and

Max dimensions rank from 125 feet tall to 6.3 feet in diameter, and
110 feet wide.

For Oregon, there is a 360 point tree in Sherwood, at 110 NE 2nd St.

It may have been cut down - I seem to remember it being near a


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