Burn recovery in Yellowstone Edward Frank
July 1, 2009


This link came in my mail box today regarding the burn recovery going on at Yellowstone from fires in 1988.

There is an entire series of photographs rather than just the one that shows when you first visit the page.  So be sure to choose to view all or view a slideshow of the photos


In the summer of 1988, lightning- and human-ignited fires consumed vast stretches of Yellowstone National Park. More than 25,000 firefighters cycled through the park combating 50 wildfires, seven of which became major wildfires. By the time the first snowfall extinguished the last flames in September, 793,000 of the park’s 2,221,800 acres had burned.

One of the largest fires raced across western Yellowstone, threatening historic structures around the Old Faithful geyser basin. This series of images shows the scars left in the wake of the western Yellowstone fires and the slow recovery in the twenty years that followed. Taken by the Landsat-5 satellite, the images were made with infrared light to highlight changes in vegetation.   (cont.)

  Edward Frank

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