Virginia Trip  Oct 19, 2007
  Mary Chang


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Date: Fri, Oct 19 2007 1:15 pm
From: "Mary Chang"

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your welcome to ENTS and invitation to introduce myself to the

I live in northern Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. As I mention
in my profile, I am not a tree expert but rather just someone who truly
enjoys trees and forests. When I have the opportunity, I visit trees, parks
and forests in places where I am traveling. I have done this in Asia, the UK,
Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. And if I travel to other places, I expect
I will do it those places, too.

I have just returned from a vacation with friends in the mountains of
Virginia and West Virginia. While there we took day trips to enjoy the fall
colors and scenic views.

We drove through and stopped along the way in the Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington National Forest in
Virginia, and the Monongahela National
Forest in West Virginia

We also took the walking tour of The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum at James
Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia It was particularly nice to
see that people from the community and the campus took advantage of having
such a lovely place in their town. We met a good number walking along the
paths, though I would not say it was crowded by any means -- just
appreciated and being put to good use. (Also saw a pair of badgers while
there, too!)

If I come across any good tree photos when I download the trip photos from
my camera, I will share some. In the future, I will share some of my "tree
stories" -- nothing spectacular, just my simple encounters and experiences.
And I have some questions for those here who are tree experts, so I hope you
and they don't mind my asking them.

Thanks again for letting me join the group and take part in the list. It's
nice to meet everyone here.

Best regards,

Mary Ann

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Date: Fri, Oct 19 2007 9:09 pm
From: James Parton


Welcome on board. I am fairly new to ENTS myself and have really
enjoyed being involved in it. You learn so much by being a member.

I live in Hendersonville NC and have many places locally to go to see
nice trees & forests. In particular the Blue Ridge Parkway and The
Great Smoky Mountains. I hike & take photographs often.

Again, Welcome: James Parton.