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Date: Wed, Aug 13 2008 7:50 pm


It seems hard to believe that the great yellowstone mega fire was 20 years

I thought I would pass on this link. It makes an interesting read.


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Date: Wed, Aug 13 2008 8:09 pm

Twenty years ago, I was fighting fires near Jackson Hole and could see the Yellowstone Fire storm was a nightmare year for many of us that year (if requested, I would be happy to elaborate in a private message).
Ten years ago, my co-author and I were working on remotely sensed identification and classification of burn severity at Grand Canyon...independently, a pair of researchers (Benson and Keyes?) were working on similar topic at Yellowstone, Glacier and other areas.
Today, remotely sensed (yes and ground-truthed) burn severity classification is routinely done on most large fire complexes...provides burn area rehabilitation priorities for post-fire repair.

Twenty years is a significant portion of most folks lifetime...a blink of an eye in most ecosystems! Long live Yellowstone!!!