Island Offset Law Proposed  

TOPIC: Island Offset Law proposed

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Date: Sat, Sep 13 2008 4:53 am
From: Ren

Dale's report (on SGL 155)  is one one more example of the local "island" forest
that is so necessary to recognize and save to be the seed source and
last refuge for local wildlife. The governmental planners need to
mandate the linking of these islands to provide corridors to offset
the continued development of forested land. A two for one law needs
to be enacted nationwide that requires a offset of 2 acres saved or
restored for every acre bulldozed. Not only would this raise the bar
on development but also be a green project that every municipality
could benefit from at the expense of the developer not the government.
I suggest ENTS members could formulate the policy and make a draft
copy of the proposed law available to every state and national
legislature in the US. Any green lawyers in ENTS we could get legalize