1894 New-England's Fine Trees  

TOPIC: New-England's Fine Trees, 1894

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Date: Sat, Jan 26 2008 10:22 am
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Here is a neat old article.

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NEW-ENGLAND'S FINE TREES; STURDY OLD GIANTS OF WHICH THE NATIVES ARE PROUD. Hartford's Charter Oak, Which Is Full of Historical Interest -- It Was Hundreds of Years Old -- Blown Down in 1854 -- In Wethersfield Is the Oldest and Largest Elm in Connecticut -- Windsor Not Far Behind -- Fine Specimens in Berkshire.

New York Times
October 21, 1894, Wednesday

Page 20, 3558 words

Americans should be proud of their trees. Apart from their elements of beauty and utility, they possess, also, a historical interest which patriotic Americans can ill afford to ignore. Such was the famous Charter Oak, which stood in the City of Hartford Until 1854, when it was blown down by a furious storm. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]


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Canaan Elm

Published: October 21, 1894
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New-England's Prospect by William Wood, 1634 (excerpt)