Colby's Big Tree List  Scott Wade
  October 08, 2007

TOPIC: Colby's big tree list

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Date: Mon, Oct 8 2007 11:24 am


I was looking at Colby's big tree list for Pa. The first tree he
mentioned is not dead.

I visited this tree this year. It is 24'4"cbh x 67.4' tall with a 117'
spread. It is missing about 30 percent of it's trunk and the top is
gone, but it is still growing.


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Date: Tues, Oct 9 2007 5:00 pm
From: Matthew Hannum

Hmmm... I wonder how this broken beast of a tree would be classified
if some of those low limbs managed to root themselves on the ground
nearby? That would be an even stranger sight!

Trees never cease to amaze me - astounding that a tree of such
staggering size could suffer such a devastating injury and keep on