The Native Tree Society

The Native Tree Society (NTS) is a cyberspace interest group devoted to the documentation and celebration of trees and forests of the North America and around the world, through art, poetry, music, mythology, science, medicine, wood crafts, and collecting research data for a variety of purposes.  The NTS provides a discussion forum for people who view trees and forests not just as a crop to be harvested, but also as something of value in their own right. Even today we are finding the largest and oldest trees ever recorded for some native species. We are finding hidden pockets of old growth forest and examples of unusual forest ecosystems. If you want to become part of this adventure, simply create a free account on our NTS BBS discussion board at and jump into the discussions.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in trees living anywhere in the world.  We also have a NTS Facebook page.

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The Native Tree Society was originally established in 1996 as the Eastern Native Tree Society to accurately measure and record the tallest trees, historical trees, and ancient forests of Eastern North America.  As the organization grew over the years we gained members from western North America and elsewhere around the world.  As the membership has expanded, the original scope of the group has also expanded to include trees and forests around the globe.    In July of 2011 the overall organization changed its' name to the Native Tree Society to reflect a broader geographic membership and was restructured to reflect this conceptual change.   We have two formal chapters within the broader organization, the Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS) focused on eastern North America, the Western Native Tree Society (WNTS) focused on western North America.  Members from elsewhere in the world are considered to be members at large to the NTS.  We hope to establish ties with tree interest groups in other continents and countries and to share our passion for trees and to promote the usage of our measurement standards and scientific goals in these areas.

The history of the Native Tree Society and that of the Eastern Native Tree Society are synonymous until the reorganization in July 2011.  A few posts on the early history and founding of the organization can be found here:  Eastern Native Tree Society History Throughout this website many of the older posts and articles refer to the recently renamed Native Tree Society as the older name Eastern Native Tree Society or ENTS.