Dry Earth Karl Cronin
  January 29, 2009

Dear ENTS,

I have been tracking conversations on ENTS for several months,
aand wanted to finally introduce myself.

My name is Karl Cronin, and I'm a movement artist working with trees   br> in Brooklyn (NY) - http://fortgreenepark.weebly.com/

I work with a team of professional dancers, and we are creating dances   br> based on the movement histories of trees in Brooklyn.
We use biological, geographic, and historic facts as a starting place  
ffor our work, and then use imaginative exercises to expand beyond our limited  
quantitative knowledge.

What I have been most inspired with ENTS are the discussions of  
mmeasurement methods and documentation.

I think methods for exploration and documentation are a great place of   br> overlap between environmental science and the arts,
and I'd love to learn more about how you are recording the particular  
histories (periods of sickness or health, response to environmental  
ppressures, etc.) of the trees you all studying.


Karl Cronin
dry earth

w: dryearth.org
f: http://tinyurl.com/dryearth
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