Tree Carvings Larry Tucei
March 28, 2009

David, ENTS,   A

fter Hurricane Katrina we had thounsands of dead trees, mostly pine. Some of the dead Live Oak along Hwy 90 in various cities were salvaged.  A sculpter, a guy named Marlin Miller, from Pensacola, came over and for FREE carved many scupltures from these trees. His work was fantastic! It help releive some of the strees on everyone in that from destruction came beauty. I met him in Ocean Springs, 2 summers ago while he was sculpting Dolphins from a dead Cedar in a little park located there. I talked with him for several minutes and thanked him for what he was doing. Here is just a fraction of his work!                     Also Crooked Feather in Ocean Springs carved from a huge Cypress, I'm not sure who carved this one a few years before Katrina. I'll go a photograph more of Marlins stuff.      Larry

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Lawrence Tucei Jr.

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