TOPIC: Treehuggers!

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 8:42 am
From: James Parton


How many of you out there are labeled as a " Treehugger " by family
and friends? I get labeled that all the time. It does not bother me,
I actually embrace it. After all, forests are my favorite places in
the world & trees are, along with women, the most beautiful of God's
creations. What would be your definition of " Treehugger "? It seems
that most think it is someone involved with the environmentalist
movement. Others would say " A hippie ". Opinions anyone?

Here is a website for " Treehuggers ". Personally I think we got em'
licked. Ours centers exclusively on trees. 

" Treehugger " James

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 9:03 am


I often describe myself humorously as a closet tree-hugger. But when others so name me, I counter in some way that points to the many shades of gray that forms the spectrum of feelings.


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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 9:11 am
From: James Parton


What a way said! I guess with all of the health problems you have had
lately you do not get out enough. God bless you. On a lighter note, I
don't think a lot of us get out enough this time of year. Between work
and the weather I sure don't. Blozan may be an exception. Trees are
truly his life, with his family, of course.


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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 9:21 am
From: "Michele Wilson"

When I was about seven years old and started admiring trees, I think that is
when I became an official "tree hugger".... years before I became a
forester. Back then, trees were admired by my friends and I as resources to
hold up tree houses and shade us during the summer heat, not to mention
being things of beauty. I even had a "fort" inside an array of lilac
bushes, of all things. It does not bother me at all that folks out there
have different opinions of what a "tree hugger" is... I remain a forester
who does see the forest for the trees. So that's my story.

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 9:42 am
From: James Parton

Michele, ENTS,

To me, a real treehugger is someone who values and respects the trees
and environment as it should be. It is not a fad. As a child my father
taught me to respect life. Do not kill something without just cause.
Many kids around the neighborhood would shoot and kill songbirds with
BB guns. If I would have killed one and dad found out about it, he
would have probably made me eat it! I think the same respect should
be made with trees. If there is no need to cut it down. Leave it.
Think before you cut. A big Super Wal-Mart was built here in
Hendersonville a few years back. It destroyed a beautiful White Pine
forest. The old Wal-Mart was fine by me. I rather would have had the
forest instead.


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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 10:35 am
From: "symplastless"

An article:

Hutchinson, R. A. A tree hugger stirs villagers in India to save their
forest. Smithsonian, Feb; 184-193; 1988

Good article.

John A. Keslick, Jr.
Consulting Forester & Tree Expert
Beware of so-called tree experts who do not understand tree biology.
Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions keep reminding us
that we are not the boss.

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 10:36 am
From: "symplastless"

Tree Kissers! 

John A. Keslick, Jr.
Consulting Forester & Tree Expert

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 10:57 am
From: James Parton


I will forward this link! Some of my friends and family will get a
kick outta this. I will be the victim, of course!


TOPIC: Treehuggers!

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Date: Tues, Jan 29 2008 3:32 pm
From: Carolyn Summers

Wow, Michele, I had a "fort" under a bunch of forsythia bushes. You're the
only other person I've heard that from. I'm afraid fewer and fewer children
are growing up with that kind of background.
Carolyn Summers

TOPIC: Treehuggers!

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Date: Wed, Jan 30 2008 6:43 am
From: Elisa Campbell

I too used to hang out in thickets of shrubs or trees (often those
draped with honeysuckle or other vines - this was in northern Virginia.
And I'd sit in the branches of one of our two willow trees to read or
just look out and think...

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Date: Wed, Jan 30 2008 9:50 am
From: "Michele Wilson"

It was a huge array of lilacs, huge enough that my friends Lois and Wendy
also had their own little "forts" at least 20 feet away from mine! We would
hang out in the lilac bushes for hours and hours and days on end, admiring
whatever creepy crawlies were on our respective floors, sniff the pleasant
aroma of flowering lilacs, try not to poke our eyes out via errant branches,
take naps, sit quietly and wait for the birds to come into the threshold and
then watch them, and take turns at visiting each others' "forts" and admire
our fake remodeling jobs in the various "rooms"... I'm sure we seemed
strange to all our mothers but at least they knew where to find us at

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Date: Wed, Jan 30 2008 9:53 am
From: "Michele Wilson"

yes, I recall actually having time to think back then!!!

TOPIC: Treehuggers!

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Date: Thurs, Jan 31 2008 9:14 pm
From: JamesRobertSmith

Yep. Treehugger is commonly used on me. Just as my parents were
labeled with a much nastier epithet for promoting civil rights for all
as far back in the 1930s (in my dad's case). Seems my family is always
right when everyone else is wrong.