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Date: Fri, Mar 21 2008 8:08 pm
From: James Parton


I feel at this time of year with Easter upon us has anyone ever wondered about the Crown of Thorns that Christ wore preceding the Crucifixtion? What kind of tree or shrub was it from? The Bible really does not tell. Many ideas abound. Most authorities favor Acacia or Euphorbia. Hawthorn, Buckthorn and Holly have also been suggested. One legend is holly wreaths came about because of the Crown of Thorns. Also legend has that the berries of the holly plant was white until after the crucifixtion in which they became red symbolizing the blood shed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Another mystery is the cross itself that Christ was nailed to. What kind of wood was it? Legend says Dogwood but I find that unlikely. Acacia is probable. I have also seen Oak and Pine suggested. Feel free to comment.

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Here are three photos of a Crown of Thorns used today in my churches Good Friday ceremony. It has thorns longer than even those of the longest ones of Hawthorn that I have seen and as robust as those on Trifoliate Orange. It looked like some sort of vine, like Bittersweet with huge thorns. I have no idea what plant it is from. But it would really be painful if forced onto someone's head! 

Happy Easter!: James Parton