Ring in the Oak Legend Jan 20, 2008
Larry Tucei  


We have a few Indian Legends in South Ms. One is the
Pascagoula River, called the (Singing River). The legend states that
the Pascagoulas rather than surrendering to the Biloxis, joined hands
and drowned themselves in the river. In several places you can still
hear what sounds like singing. Another is the Ring in the Oak legend.
A princess of the Biloxis fell in love with a warrior from a Louisiana
tribe. Her father (Chief) objected to the marriage, he stated when a
ring grows in yonder Live Oak tree you can marry him. Low and behold
the Oak grew a ring! I'll go measure and photograph the Oak. It's the
only Live Oak I know of that has a ring (hollow circle) in a limb! It
is way cool!  

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