Stereo Photography Edward Frank
August 5, 2009

Joe, Barry, ENTS,

You can take stereo photographs with a single digital camera provided that the subject is not moving.  Here are some sites that talk about the process:  

Making your own 3M Photos
I presently use four methods to generate 3D images of the real world.  I refer to the real world to differentiate from computer generated 3D, such as ray traced images.  The four methods I employ utilize a standard camera, a video camera, a scanner, and a QX3 USB microscope.

Digital Stereo Photography  
The art and science of twin camera digital stereo photography.   This site features digital stereo photographic pairs, along with practical details for creating your own digital stereo photographs: techniques, cameras, controllers, flash, sync monitors, and mounts.

There are quite a few more sites on the web that talks about 3D photos and even a 3D forum.



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