Middleton Oak "cookie" Status Vic Shelburn
July 14, 2009


FYI, I have FINALLY located the Middleton oak "cookie"  (in South
Carolina-our largest State Champion-most points) that was cut from a
large limb after it (the limb-not the tree) fell last August. Bartlett
Tree in Charleston, SC has it in their shop. Just need to transport the
3 foot plus diameter cookie (4-6 inches thick) up here to Clemson
University so we can attempt some tree ring analysis (despite the
problem of false rings in live oaks).  It is a solid piece (no rot) so
It should give us some idea of tree age in any case.  Bartlett also has
pictures of the limb relative to height so that might also help in
estimating age since obviously the limb is younger than the tree.

Anyone else interested in this let me know.

Vic Shelburne

SC Big Tree Coordinator
Clemson University

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