Lichen and Moss Photos George Fieo
March 13, 2009


Here are a few pictures I took of some lichen and moss growing on a hawthorn
limb.  I'm not sure what species of hawthorn though.


[Jennifer Dudley, March 13, 2009]

Those pictures are extraordinary. You've inspired me to photograph
lichens on wood. I have these few not as nice ones that are on granite
on the summit of a mountain in Maine. In 2 of the pictures you can't
see any rock at all. (And it is soooo slippery when wet. I took lots
of spills!)
Thank you for the photos, They really are beautiful organisms.

[Steve Galehouse, March 13, 2009]

Here are a few more pics of lichens, plus a sundew:


[Will Fell, March 14, 2009]

Here are a few pics of lichens that carpet the sandhills of south Georgia.
You almost feel guilty walking on them they are so cushiony.

Last week I was walking along the Schuylkill River, Pa., and took these
pictures of some lichen and flowers growing on a cliff face.  I think they
are native.  Does anyone know it's name?