Non-Native Trees in the Northeast  

TOPIC: Non-Native Trees in the Northeast
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Date: Tues, Dec 16 2008 3:49 pm
From: "Edward Frank"
I have been looking over Scott Wade's PA Champion Trees list and Dale Luthringer's PA Tall Tree Tally. We are the Eastern NATIVE Tree Society, but certainly when we find a tall non-native species we go ahead and measure it. I am wondering what are the most common or important non-native trees are in the northeastern United States, including Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio?
These trees are fairly common:
Norway Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce
Southern Catalpa
Chinese Chestnut
English Oak
Japanese Maple
Weeping Willow
Norway Maple
Tree of Heaven
Horse chestnut
European Larch
Scotts Pine
Other trees of interest include:
Giant Sequoia (for obvious reasons)
Douglas Fir
There are dozens or hundreds of non-native trees and shrubs in northeastern United States. What would be your lists of the most significant or interesting ones worth monitoring or tabulating?
Ed Frank

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Date: Tues, Dec 16 2008 4:04 pm
From: James Parton
I would say Norway Spruce, Tree of Heaven, Chinese Chestnut and Apple.
Of course I am saying for the southeast US where I live. I ain't much
help for the northeast!

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Date: Tues, Dec 16 2008 5:51 pm
From: "George Fieo"
The most common here in Southeastern Pa. would be Tree of Heaven, Norway
Maple, Osage-Orange, Sweet Cherry, and White Mulberry. There is also a pear
tree that is spreading rapidly, most likely a cultivar. The area where I
live has had a tremendous amount of development within the last 10 to 15
years and I can honestly say that I have not seen this pear growing in the
wild prior to all the development.

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Date: Tues, Dec 16 2008 6:29 pm
I am new to the group, an associate of Neil Pederson and Ryan McEwan. In KY,
where I intend to study, Bradford ornamental pear is on the increase. It has
the capability of being the buckthorn (R. cathartica) of the south; a thing
to be avoided in experience from my work in N. Illinois. Cheers

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Date: Tues, Dec 16 2008 6:39 pm
From: "Steve Galehouse"
Some popular tall, introduced ornamental trees for northern Ohio, other than
your initial list, include: London Plane, Littleleaf Linden, European Beech,
Callery Pear (in ts varieties), Austrian Pine, Bosnian Pine, Serbian Spruce,
Hinoki Cypress, Sawara Cypress, Limber Pine, Japanese Stewartia, Hedge
Maple, Sycamore Maple, Sawtooth Oak, Douglas-fir, and Dawn Redwood.
Steve Galehouse 

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Date: Wed, Dec 17 2008 5:53 am
From: Kirk Johnson
Personally, I nominate Norway spruce as a non-native that seems relatively
"appropriate" as a forest tree in this region (as opposed to an
ornamental/landscaping tree).
Kirk Johnson 

TOPIC: Non-Native Trees in the Northeast
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Date: Wed, Dec 17 2008 6:11 pm
From: Randy Brown
Anybody mention Siberian Elm yet?
Quite a bit of that in central and NW ohio although the form is
usually pretty scrudgy compared to native elms.