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TOPIC: Ascending the Giants - western US group measuring big trees...

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Date: Sat, Apr 26 2008 2:53 pm

An article appeared in the Portland (Oregon) Oregonian this week about
the find of a new champion chinquapin. It mentioned the group
"Ascending the Giants"... as the
measurers...thought that ENTS might want to check it out!

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Date: Sat, Apr 26 2008 5:16 pm
From: James Parton


These guys seem to have alot in common with ENTS. I admire their
desire to protect and conserve these giants. Personally I think our
measuring methods surpass theirs, but what matters most is their love
and respect for the trees.

I wonder if they know of us. It would be nice if both ENTS and
Ascending The Giants could correspond and cooperate in our efforts. I
wonder if Bob Van Pelt has had any contact with them?

James Parton