Eastern Hemlock:  Irreplaceable Habitat  

TOPIC: Eastern Hemlock: Irreplaceable Habitat

Date: Thurs, Sep 11 2008 10:48 am
From: "William Morse"


Eastern Hemlock: Irreplaceable Habitat

If you have ever ventured into the midst of an eastern
hemlock-dominated forest, you may sense that you entered a special
place. The stately, long-lived conifers with drooping, dark green
branches aligned in a pyramidal shape, create an environment that is
deeply shaded and cooler than surrounding woodlands. These conditions
strongly influence wildlife and nearby streams. Harvard Forest Forest
Ecologist, David Orwig discusses the importance and influence of the
Eastern Hemlock in the Massachusett's Chapter of the Sierra Club

Orwig, D.A., 2008. Eastern Hemlock: Irreplaceable Habitat. Sierran. pp. 3,5.