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July 21, 2009


Some of you have posted videos related to trees or nature to YouTube or other services.  If you have these videos, please send me a link to them and I will add your video series to the ENTS website as a link to your own channel.....

If you look at many of the newer HD camcorders you will see several different HD video formats.  The newest, and perhaps the best of them available to consumers is the AVCHD format HD video.  it supports up to 1920 x 1080 video formats.  The problem is that this compression scheme is not supported by most players on your computer.  It also is not supported by many video editing programs.  So you can take it, but may have some problems watching or editing it.  That was until  a few days ago.  The newest higher end editors, like Adobe Premier will play and edit the AVCHD video.  If you have an older version than CS4 then you are almost out of luck.  Adobe Premier Elements, a light version of the full Adobe will play and edit this video format.  The program costs about $100.  It works on my laptop, but the decompression and playback while editing is choppy and difficult to work with.  If you have more than 2 GB of RAM and a faster processor, you might not have this problem.

There is another solution.  There is a free program called Free AVCHD Converter, that will convert to AVCHD video to another format that will play in most players and you will be abler to edit it using older video editors.  The only drawback is that the files, if you choose to simply decompress them will be very big.  It takes awhile to do the conversions, so you may want to start the conversion before you go to bed and plan to work on it the next day.  The amount of time it takes to convert the video depends on whether you are simply decompressing the video, or if you are also changing the video format, frame rate, or audio settings, and if you are changing it to another compressed format or an uncompressed format.  

The program is available from  or can be downloaded from   The program seems to work fine and aside from the conversion time, it is a great solution for those who want to get a new AVCHD high-definition camcorder and have only a moderate power computer or older editing software.  (I would have upgraded to the full Adobe version, but they seem to churn them out in short time frames and want $300 buck a shot per upgrade.)


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Edward Frank wrote (July 31, 2009)


Over the past couple of years I have posted several videos to YouTube.  Some of these were on behalf of Will Blozan.  Others are one that I have shot.  A couple are videos shot by Dale Luthringer.  

These ones are available under the name "nativetreesociety"

Lumbering Demonstration 1         31
Lumbering Demonstration  2         9
Lumbering Demonstration 3         5
Lumbering Demonstration 4         5
Lumbering Demonstration 5         8
Lumbering Demonstration 6         8
Ice breakup 2009                      20
American Chestnut                      9
Mountain Laurel                         10

Seneca Hemlock Climb          493
Goshawk Banding 1              8871
Goshawk Banding 2              4190
Goshawk Banding 3              3854
Ice Breakup 2007                  1792
Seneca Pine Climb 1              342
Seneca Pine Climb 2              145
Seneca Pine Climb 3              128

Middleton Live Oak              1442
Sag Branch Tulip                  1286
Hemlock Deaths 1                1137
Hemlock Deaths 2                  752
Hemlock Deaths 3                  491

These are the 22 videos under that name so far.  other members have their own video channels, and I do not have any data about their viewing statistics.  The name of the clip is listed to the left.  The number of views are listed to the right.  The top nine videos were just uploaded ion the past couple of days and that is reflected in the low viewer numbers so far.  It is interesting that my Goshawk banding video  1 by itself has outdrawn all the other videos combined (not counting goshawk parts 2 and 3).  

I hope we will continue our efforts in the video realm.  YouTube is free, Most digital cameras will shoot video clips.  and Windows Movie and iMovie are free editors.  So start your own video channel!!  I mentioned before there is a free program called "Free AVCHD Converter" that will convert AVCHD video to a format that can be edited by these basic programs.  It works great.

Ed Frank

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