Latitude Elevation Relationships  

TOPIC: White Pine Bark
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Date: Tues, Dec 9 2008 8:54 am
From: "Hugh Irwin"
There's an interesting study C V Cogbill and Peter White conducted on
latitude-elevation relationships. They found a latitude-elevation
relationship of -100 meters/degree of latitude for the spruce-fir/deciduous
forest ecotone as you go up the Appalachian chain. 
The latitude-elevation relationship for treeline was -83 meters/degree of
This latitude-elevation relationship would have important implications for
climate change. Species, including trees may be able to move their habitats
a few hundred feet in elevation within a short distance more easily than
moving hundreds of miles northward. Of course it won't help spruce-fir
adaptation in the Southern Appalachians since they are already disjunct
islands at the highest elevations .
Here's a link to the abstract in Plant Ecology: