Northeast Rucker Index   Robert Leverett
  Nov 09, 2004 10:32 PST 


   Holy Populus deltoides, Tom. Zoar Valley kicks toosh! Will the big
tree numbers never end? Let's see. What do we now have in the Northeast
for Rucker indices at 120 or above?

   Zoar Valley, NY:       136.20
   Cook Forest,PA:        135.79
   MTSF,MA:               134.46
   Wintergreen Gorge, PA: 128.53
   Fairmont Park, PA:     127.72
   Rickets Glen, PA:      126.29
   Ice Glen, MA:          126.17
   Walnut Crek Gorge, PA: 121.69
   Anders Run, PA:        121.48
   MSF, MA:               121.36

   Now it is up to the team of Howard Stoner, Bob Leverett, Phyllis
Silvers, and Holly Post to add a southeastern NY site. Although I
haven't the foggiest of an idea where it might be, I do think the
Catskills have at least a couple of sites in the 120 class and maybe
more. I'm sure that given enough time, we can find 4 or 5 more NY sites
in the 120 class. We've got our work cut out for us.

   It is possible that there is another 120 site in the Deerfield River
corridor in MA, but it is doubtful there are any others in the Baystate.
New Hampshire may have one and possible Vermont. New Jersey should have
several, but I for one, don't want to fight the traffic to hunt for

   Tom, we're now anxiously waiting on some Ohio sites. If there are
any, you're obviously the one to find them. Nobody else out that way
looking that I'm aware of.