Summer 2006, Volume 1, Number 1  (Complete issue) PDF, 2.4 MB

Cover Page (PDF, 175 KB)

Front Matter (PDF, 125 KB)  ISSN: 1933-799X

Announcements and Society Actions (PDF, 295 KB)

Feature Article
      Tree Measuring Guidelines of the Eastern Native Tree Society by Will  Blozan (PDF, 746 KB)

Field Report
     Tamasee Knob by Jess Riddle (PDF, 158 KB)
     Savage Gulf by Michael Davie and Jess Riddle (PDF, 291 KB)
     Levi Wilcoxon Demonstration Forest by Don C. Bragg (PDF, 246 KB)

Special Big Tree
     Webster Springs Sycamore by Will Blozan (PDF, 345 KB)
     The Morris Pine by Don C. Bragg (PDF, 186 KB)

Poems, Stories, and Musings
     The Last Snow of Winter by Ed Frank (PDF, 483 KB)
     The Wondrous 3-D Full-Spectrum Laser Climbometer by Pamela Briggs (PDF, 214 KB)

Founder's Corner
      Welcome to the Eastern Native Tree Society! by Robert T. Leverett  (PDF, 185 KB)

Instructions for Contributors (PDF, 112 KB)