Eastern Native Tree Society Mission, Structure, and Objectives

    The Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS) is a cyberspace interest group devoted to the celebration of trees of the eastern North America through art, poetry, music, mythology, science, medicine, and wood crafts. ENTS is also intended as an archive for information on specific trees and stands of trees. ENTS will store data on accurately measured trees for historical documentation purposes, scientific research, and to resolve big tree disputes.

ENTS is not a substitute for the American Forests National Register of Big Trees nor the state-level counterparts. The ENTS standard for accuracy in measuring trees surpasses what is attainable from the broad public participation of the big tree contest programs. The ENTS slide presentation on how to measure tree dimensions is itself a simplification of the process employed by ENTS members Will Blozan and Robert Leverett. ENTS was formally established by Dr. David Stahle, Dr. Michael Perlman, Will Blozan, Robert Leverett, Joseph Choiniere, and Matthew Therrell in October 1997.

 In July of 2011 the overall organization changed its' name to the Native Tree Society to reflect a broader geographic membership and was restructured to reflect this organizational change.  The organization has two formal chapters:  the Western Native Tree Society for those people in western North America, and the Eastern Native Tree Society covering the eastern United States and Canada.  Members from elsewhere in the world are considered to be members at large to the NTS.  Official membership in NTS is obtained by joining the NTS BBS at http://www.ents-bbs.org  The single BBS Forum is for all all members of the Native Tree Society and any  member may post in any forum regardless of their geographic location.

Dave Stahle and Matt Therrell established the website as an extension of the Tree Ring Laboratory's website. Submissions to the ENTS website in terms of information, art, etc. should be made either to Will Blozan or Robert Leverett at the listed e-mail addresses.

The current officers of the NTS are:
The Grand ENT - Lord of the Rings, Brother Dave "Stellata" Stahle
President - Will Blozan
Vice President - Lee Freilich
Executive Director - Robert Leverett
Edward Frank - Webmaster

Robert T. Leverett
Executive Director Friends of Mohawk Trail SF
52 Fairfield Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040

NTS Credentials