We have some new members on our list and I'd like to take this time to welcome them and encourage each to feel free to participate in our sometimes lively list discussions. We're all equal in the eyes of the trees.

   In a nutshell this list is the voice of the Native Tree Society (ENTS). ENTS was formed to celebrate trees in art, poetry, music, photography, mythology, medicine, science, and the nobler human uses of trees and to develop a significant big tree/significant big tree site database of scientific value. Our list also explores the roles of the stakeholders of our forests and this is where discussions can get a bit spirited (some might consider that an understatement).

   We have a number of distinguished scientists on our list including Drs. Lee Frelich of the University of Minnesota, Dr. Charles Cogbill, consultant to the USFS, and Dr. Robert Van Pelt of the University of Washington. There are others, but you're most apt to see posts from these three. These scientists and others including Drs. Tom Diggins, and Larry Winship and Professor Gary Beluzo keep us deep into ecology.

   We have a core group of absolutely fanatical tree mensurationists (to coin a term) who feed the ENTS big tree/tall tree database and who pioneer measurement methods for especially difficult to measure trees. Will Blozan, the distinguished ENTS president is such a person. Bob Van Pelt wrote the book on measuring and modeling trees. You might encounter my name in this arena from time to time. (I can here my friends now. Yeah right, Bob, like daily.)

    We have a number of foresters dedicated to ecologically sound forestry on our list. Some are in government. Some are in private practice. We are blessed to have them all. We are also blessed to have several restoration ecologists with us. Don Bertolette is one. He before retirement he worked at the Grand Canyon National Park. Don contributes many interesting posts and has formed western chapter of the NTS called WNTS (Western Native Tree Society). Tamra Raven, past Vice President of the Council For Women and also the international equivalent is likewise a restoration ecologist. It would many e-mails to cite all of Tamra's credits. She's super!

    We have dedicated members like Loona Brogan who established the Vermont Tree Society (VTS). We hope to hear a lot from Loona. David Yarrow of the nationally known Champion Tree Project is a member of the list.

     Forest research institutions are well represented on the list. The prestigeous forest research institution Harvard Forest is well represented on the list through Drs. David Orwig and John Okeefe. One of the ENTS founding members is Dr. David Stahle, Director of the Tree-Ring Laboratory at the University of Arkansas is on the list. Neil Pederson of Columbia University's Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory is on the list.

     The Forest Stewards Guild is well represented on the list, courtesy of Steve Harrington, Michele Wilson and others. The Guild and NTS have plans to team up and hold joint events.     

     Conservation organizations like the Sierra Club and Mass Audubon Society are represented. The ethos of the environmental movement is well represented.

     The accolades and recognitions could continue. We also have our light side. We have sub-groups like the 'Tree Amigos' (yes, it's very corny, but a lot of fun). We have periodic rendezvous at great big tree sites like Cook Forest State Park, PA. The list goes on.

     So welcome aboard and please feel free to contribute.

Bob Leverett