COOK FOREST OR BUST   Leverett, Robert
  Apr 18, 2002 05:40 PDT 

   We'll drive straight to Cook Forest tomorrow per our telephone conversation and then we can plan from there, based on the available time. On the equipment, yes, I do have all those items, plus an altimeter, but don't carry them all to each site. The minimum that always accompanies me is:

   1. 2 lasers
   2. 3 clinometers
   3. Scientific calculator (I need a more programmable one)
   4. CruzAll
   5. Prism
   6. DBH tape
   7. GPS receiver
   8. Altimeter (forgot that one - GPS altitudes suck)
   9. Pocket transit
10. Flagging ribbon

   Hey, there's that list of 10 again. Something magic about 10, I guess. If it goes with me, the 300-foot tape measure is usually carried by someone else (Kim, are you listening?). Basically, my philosophy is the more gizmos you have, the better. However, Paul Jost is raising the anti with is data feeds. Of course, one unit that does it all is the way to go. That's where Bob Van Pelt shines.

   Tomorrow -- COOK FOREST STATE PARK! Cook rules! Darn it, without BVP, it won't really be a true rendezvous. Darn it! Darn it! Darn it! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to drink Bob's portion of brew for him. We'll let you know whether your portion was good or not, Bob. Hey, what are friends for?