Fight the Blight Conference Registration Brochure   Will Blozan
  Jun 14, 2004 15:43 PDT 

FYI- news from the South!

Hello, Capital Trees Program!

For our Thursday June 24th meeting, we are indeed fortunate to have Mr. Will
Blozan, a founding member of the Eastern Native Tree Society and the
preeminent big tree hunter in our region, coming to Raleigh! We will be
looking at hard-to-measure trees; trees on slopes, leaning trees, crooked
trees. I'm hoping that some of you CTP Awards Jury members will be able to
attend, and bring along their measuring equipment.

As you may have heard, starting in 2006 all trees listed as champions will
need to be measured within the last ten years. This new rule will be
prompting a lot of remeasurement, and possibly open up the list for new

Mr. Blozan will be demonstrating the ENTS method of measuring tree
This method is championed by Dr. Robert Van Pelt, who has used it to measure
the BIG (300'+) trees out west.

We will come equipped to climb a few trees and confirm their heights by the
most accurate method of all--a tape measure!
All who attend will receive two free copies of the American Forests Spring
issue with the 2004 Big Tree Registry, hot off the presses! We'd like to do
the measuring in the afternoon and finish in time to attend Todd Lasseigne's
Tour of Trees at the JC Raulston Arboretum at 5:30.

Ahhh, after a hard day's work, there's nothing better than enjoying the
cool, refreshing shade underneath your favorite tree. Come and join Todd on
a tour featuring some of the JCRA's brightest stars (both new and old) as
potential shade trees for our gardens and urban landscapes and streetscapes.
There's more to shade trees than red maple (Acer rubrum), after all!

Please let us know if this date will work for you,

Guy Meilleur