Porcupine Mountains, MI   James Smith
  Feb 26, 2007 14:54 PST 

Yep, I love old mountains. I guess because they remind me of my former
home in the north Georgia mountains.

A friend sent me a trip report from Sleeping Giant. Impressive terrain
there, for sure. And another guy sent me some photos he took in the
Porcupine Mountains with an eye toward showing me the slopes and gorges.
Of course I immediately saw that he had shot some GIGANTIC pine trees!
He said there are many such groves in there and hadn't even meant the
photo to brag on the old trees, but the old peaks.

RE:  Porcupine Mountains, MI   Will Blozan
  Feb 26, 2007 15:04 PST 


ENTS did a survey trip to the Porkies several years ago; unfortunately no
post exists for it. I will be scanning my negatives and slides soon from
that trip.

The pines are big, but not tall. I can't believe how many fat white pines
are there- 10-13 feet cbh. Most are fairly short (but not bad for up
there!), 125-135 feet but have massive trunks. The tallest we measured was
~147' and the largest single stem a bit over 14' cbh I think. The state
record (16'+) was a huge twin that had just broken (and died?) when we saw

It was on this trip that we eastern ENTS first met Paul Jost, and others
there were Bob Leverett, Lee Frelich, and John Knuerr. I hope I am not
missing anybody! Jani may have been there.