Question of Tree Identification
  Mar 19, 2007 08:33 PST 

I've been seeing a large conifer and I'm not sure of its Identity.
Having seen them from Ms., to Florida, I thought they might be Hemlocks.
Usually there located at an old farmhouse, or an old homestead. I
stopped, measured and photographed the largest one I've seen to date.
Located on Hwy 90 in Northwest Florida at a place called Pea Ridge. The
tree is growing on a old Homestead adjacent to a Farmhouse. CBH-12',
Height ~77', and Spread 57'. A conical shaped tree with dark green
needles, cinnamon bark and 1&1/2" long pine cones attached to the ends
of branches. Ed, I send some photos so you guys can id this species.


question001.jpg (184513 bytes) question002.jpg (236640 bytes)
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RE: Tree Identification   Steve Galehouse
  Mar 19, 2007 19:21 PST 

Looks like Cunninghamia lanceolata to me.

Steve Galehouse
Re: Tree Identification   Jess Riddle
  Mar 20, 2007 06:50 PST 


Nice Cunninghamia lanceolata (China-fir). I've seen the species
planted widely throughout the southeast, but I've never seen one with
that large a diameter. However, I've read they can grow far larger in
their native east Asia.

Re: Tree Identification   Randy Brown
  Mar 20, 2007 10:04 PST 

China Fir?